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Delta Airlines plans wireless internet access for international flights

Delta Airlines announced plans to provide wireless Internet access on international flights starting next year.

Delta currently boasts of having the world’s largest fleet of planes equipped with wireless Internet. However, only United States flights currently have this feature.

A recent agreement with satellite communications company Gogo may soon change that. In order to gain an edge in the highly-competitive airline market, Delta intends to provide international flights with satellite broadband Internet access.

The program is intended to go online during early 2013 and reach fully operational status by 2015. By this time, Delta will have nearly a thousand planes that are wireless-capable.

The initial wireless Internet access service will reportedly be limited to Boeing 777s. Flights with Boeing 767, 747 , and 757, and Airbus A330 will also receive satellite broadband Internet capacity.

Delta Airlines has not yet released any details about the pricing, speeds, or bandwidth limits of its planned wireless Internet service for international flights.