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SpaceX, Orbcomm sign multiple launch deal

SpaceX recently confirmed that it has signed an agreement to provide launch services to Orbcomm. On behalf of the satellite messaging services provider, SpaceX will use its Falcon 9 launch vehicle to loft up to 18 second-generation commercial communications satellites into low-Earth orbit.

In addition, SpaceX will also extend satellite-to-launch vehicle integration services, launch support services, and selected related optional services to Orbcomm.

In exchange for the launch services, Orbcomm will pay $42.6 million to SpaceX. The agreement does not cover any optional services. It can, however, amended based on the pricing plans of the two companies’ previous launch contract, which they signed back in 2009.

SpaceX will launch the 18 Orbcomm satellites in two batches set in between Q2 of 2013 and Q3 of 2014. Both companies can choose to postpone and reschedule either of the launch services so long as the party requesting the delay or the one causing the delay will pay certain fees.

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