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RapidEye releases MALAREO study, Earth observation products

The RapidEye website has posted the findings of its recently-completed African Malaria Control Project study, MALAREO.

The MALAREO project started back in 2011. Funded by the European Commission, it was run by a consortium of European and African interests. MALAREO combined years of experience in malaria control with the Earth observation (EO) expertise of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES.)

Remote Sensing Solutions GmbH (RSS) processed the satellite data. It also developed Earth observation products that investigated the spatial variability of environmental factors that affected malaria at the local level. The National Malaria Control Programs of Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland were able to benefit from these EO products.

The RapidEye Earth observation satellite constellation took pictures of 43,000 square kilometers covered by the MALAREO study. The EC/ESA GMES Space Component Data Access (GSC-DA) delivered the satellite data.

The study was completed in January 2013. The MALAREO project team then presented the EO products to their end-users, the Southern African National Malaria Control programs.

According to the end-users, the RapidEye EO products and accompanying Map Atlas have been a great boon in planning to control malaria. When combined with linked environmental and epidemiological data, the EO products will serve as the basis for an early warning system.

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