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KSAT, DMCii aim for greater downlink capacity at Svalbard

Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and DMC International Imaging (DMCii) have signed a new agreement that will increase the volume and the speed at which KSAT delivers satellite imagery to DMCii through the former’s Svalbard ground station.

KSAT’s new, complete ground station service includes hardware provisioning and data delivery to DMCii headquarters in the United Kingdom. The higher delivery rate of an improved KSAT downlink enables the availability of 30% additional imagery, which will enhance capability for change detection applications.

KSAT operates the Svalbard ground station near the North Pole. The location receives 14 passes a day from polar-orbiting satellites like the ones operated by the DMCii. This allows Svalbard to downlink satellite data every 90 minutes. A high-speed data link to DMCii headquarters will allow Svalbard to deliver more satellite imagery at a faster rate.

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